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CG-10M Master Clock Generator (Silver), 2020 Edition

Master Clock Generator

An all-new Master Clock Generator for the Hi-Res era.

The CG-10M is a master clock generator that delivers an extremely accurate clock signal to allow digital-to-analogue converters (DACs) to perform at their ultimate best.

It is a well-known fact among audiophiles that the clock signal is the foundation for all digital signal-processing. For example, digital signals,such as PCM are divided into tens of thousands of parts per second along the time axis.

If that fundamental time axis fluctuates during the process of D/A conversion it is much more difficult to render an analogue audio waveform that is identical to the original. This is all the more true with DSD audio signals that function at MHz speeds in the time axis.

For this reason, having as accurate a clock signal as possible is very important for the re-creation of digital audio signals, particularly HiRes files that use ultra high sampling-rates, such as DSD 22.5MHz or PCM 768kHz.

At the heart of the master clock generator is a crystal oscillator, encased in a temperature-controlled box, the "oven", to maintain the best and most stable performance under an ideal temperature condition for crystal oscillation. This crystal oscillator (OCXO in short) generates an extremely accurate 10MHz clock signal that is within ±3 ppb of frequency temperature characteristics and within ±0.1 ppm of frequency precision.

The elegant analogue gauge on the front panel gives a visual indication of the status of the internal crystal oscillator at all times.

The CG-10M is a master clock generator that brings out the best performance from USB DACs, network players, CD players and any other kind of device that supports a 10MHz clock input.


Main features

  • High-precision "TEAC Reference OCXO" – an ‘oven-controlled’ crystal oscillator
  • ±3 ppb frequency temperature characteristics, ±0.1 ppm frequency precision
  • 4 x 10MHz clock output connectors (gold-plated BNCs)
  • Completely independent and isolated circuit
  • High capacity toroidal-core power transformer
  • OVEN STATUS gauge with dimmable backlight, for monitoring oscillation stability 
  • 3-positioned patented pin-point feet to minimise vibrations
  • Full-metal body to eliminate incoming electromagnetic noise
  • Compatible with TEAC UD-503 and NT-503 
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:CG-10M-A/S
Product weight:4.6 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece