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TEAC TN-4D Direct Drive Turntable, Walnut

Employing a new ultra-stable, direct-drive motor, a classically designed turntable with knife-edge tonearm bearings

The TN-4D is a direct-drive, analog turntable with an elegant, low-profile design, made possible by the use of a newly-developed brushless DC servo motor.

TEACs new brushless DC motor (with feedback control system) achieves crystal-locked speed stability and smoother rotation while also eliminating cogging. This low-profile motor allowed TEAC to design a plinth that’s extraordinarily sleek and stylish compared to that of most other direct drive turntables. The new tonearm employs knife-edge, pivot-point bearings, developed in collaboration with SAEC Corporation, a world-famous, high-end tonearm manufacturer. The result is an insightful, high-resolution sound quality that tonearms with conventional bearings can’t match. The integrated PHONO EQ amplifier allows you to directly connect the turntable to the line-level inputs of your existing hi-fi system. A high quality NJM8080 op-amp, specially designed for hi-fi applications by New Japan Radio Corporation, is employed to convey the finest of musical detail. Additionally, a USB port on the back panel allows you to digitally archive your vinyl collection via your PC/Mac.

To extract the music from your vinyl, the TN-4D comes with a highly-regarded Oyster MM cartridge from SUMIKO – a legendary American cartridge manufacturer. Noted for its innate musicality, the cartridge comes pre-installed on the headshell at the factory, allowing near ‘plug and play’ operation. The S-shaped tonearm meanwhile allows for quick cartridge/headshell swaps, so users can alter the sound quality by experimenting with different cartridges, if the desire takes them.

The TN-4D is an analog turntable that achieves highly accurate rotational speeds and is very distinctive, for a direct-drive design, thanks to its sleek and stylish aesthetics

Main Features

  • Direct-drive 2-speed Turntable
  • Newly Developed Low-profile Brush-less DC Motor exclusive for Direct-drive
  • Sleek Cabinet Design that conventional Direct-drive Turntables never achieved
  • Aluminium Die-cast platter
  • Static-balanced S-shaped Knife-edge Aluminium Tone-arm by SAEC
  • Anti-skating Mechanism
  • Universal Head-shell for quick cartridge replacement
  • Built-in PHONO EQ Amplifier
  • PHONO/LINE Switchable Outputs with GND Terminal
  • USB Output for Digital Recording on PC/Mac
  • High-density MDF Cabinet for robust construction
  • Detachable Dust Cover
  • SUMIKO Oyster MM type Cartridge
  • Available in Piano Black and Walnut veneer finish

General Specifications

  • Drive Mechanism: Direct-drive
  • Turntable Speed: 33-1/3, 45 rpm
  • Wow-flutter: 0.1 %
  • S/N Ratio: 67dB or higher
  • PHONO Output Level: 4.0mV
  • LINE Output Level: 224mV
  • PHONO/LINE Output: RCA x 1 pair
  • USB Output: USB B-type x 1
  • Digital Output Format: PCM 16-bit, 8/11.025/16/22.05/32/44.1/48kHz
  • Operation Power: AC 100-230V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 2W or less
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) : 420 x 117 x 356 mm
  • Weight : Approx. 6.1 kg
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:TN-4D-O/WA
Product weight:8.3 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece
Technical Specifications
Speed: 45 rpm
33 rpm
Built-in Speakers: No
Drive Method: Direct-drive
Type: Manual
Built in preamp: Yes
Audio Outputs: Cinch