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What is B-stock?

B-stock or B-goods are products we offer at a reduced price because they are no longer part of our regular assortment but still function just as they should. This includes, but is not limited to, display models, returned products or items with packaging that was damaged in transit. All such products are thoroughly checked before we approve them for sale, and the TEAC service with free delivery and 30-day return applies as well, of course.

How do I order B-stock?

If a product is available as B-stock, it is indicated as such on the product detail page (see example below). You can order it by clicking on the reduced price below the shopping cart button before you complete your purchase as you normally would.

A lower quantity of this product has been added to your cart due to insufficient stock

LP-R500A-B UK3

Phono/Cassette/CD Recorder/Radio Combination

A Multitalented Unit, that can playback or copy LP’s, Cassettes and Radio Programs to CD

LP’s or 45-singles covered by dust sitting in a corner of the basement? Treasured recordings on audio cassettes in a shoe box somewhere that hasn’t been heard since years? Those days are gone! PC freaks have been recording their analog audio music in digital formats and “burning” CDs since years.

But for all those who don’t want to have to become a PC freak but still get the task accomplished, TEAC has manufactured the LP-R500. This unique model is a 3-speed turntable (33, 45 and 78rpm), a cassette playback deck, an AM/FM radio and a CD Recorder/Player all in one, classic wooden console. 

The LP-R500 is the ideal piece of audio equipment for anyone who would like to preserve old vinyl records by recording them once again using modern digital technology and transferring the music to a CD, which can be played in any CD player - anywhere, at any time. Just put on a record or insert a cassette, cue it to where playback should start, insert a blank CD into the CD-Recorder and press the record button … that’s all there is to it. 

Record the whole album or select individual songs using the pause control. The recording level and track numbers can both be set automatically or manually and appear in the display. Off air CD recording from the built-in radio is easily possible. Connect any other external analog source to the AUX inputs on the rear panel and record the content onto a recordable CD. 

LP-R500 is completely remote-controllable and can also be simply used as a multitalented playback artist for all its integrated sources as it also contains its own stereo amplifier and two built-in monitor speakers. 

Stereo line outputs are mounted on the rear panel which allows using any of the built-in sources as an external signal source, which can be connected to the line inputs of almost any additional external amplifier. A remote control unit is provided as a standard accessory.

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:LP-R500A-B UK3
Product weight:11.295 kilograms
Pieces per master carton:1 Piece