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Bring out the best in your CDs with our latest award-winning CD-player, featuring a newly developed VRDS mechanism.

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New in the 500-series

PD-505T - CD-Transport crafted for purity & performance.

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Fully-Balanced phono Amplifier



Create memories with your vinyl collection on a TEAC turntable

Modern tech meets a classic format

The vinyl album, from the artwork on the sleeve to the sweet static of the new unscratched vinyl as you placed that beautiful disc on to the turntable and gently dropped the needle at the beginning…to a music fan these moments were nothing short of spiritual. For the first time since the glorious 80s, 2020 vinyl sales have surpassed sales of CDs for the first time in some areas worldwide. Vinyl matters and TEAC offers turntables in every price-range. Each with their unique features but all with the same goal: to let you enjoy your precious vinyl to the fullest and enjoy the experience and the emotion that comes with it.

High quality lifelike audio reproduction from a compact design

A steady pillar since the mid 90's

Iconic models like the VRDS-9 CD-Player and A-H500 Integrated amplifier are still widely respected by TEAC enthusiast all over the world. When time passed and new features were introduced during the technical evolution of audio, TEAC never hesitated to implement the latest technologies in the Reference line. Today the TEAC Reference line is a remarkable line-up with unique features that fit the very core philosophy of the brand: offering the high-quality sound of full-size equipment while maintaining the compact size that made the TEAC Reference products famous.

Unique traditional audio products that support legacy media

Record your own mixtapes, analog is cool again!

Cassette tapes are, just like vinyl, more popular than ever. TEAC supports these legacy media with unique full-size components that can record and playback cassette-tapes.This is unique as TEAC is one of the last manufactureres that still produce brand-new cassettedecks. In some cases this funcitonality is combined with modern features like a CD-Player and a USB-player/recorder in one killer product.

About TEAC

Since 1956 it's been TEAC's guiding principle to enrich our society through innovative products. For almost 70 years, TEAC has been known for its video, picture and sound recording technologies.

With a rich history in the production of recording- and playback devices for professional recording studio’s, and class-leading high-end and ultra high-end audio equipment for audiophile consumers, TEAC Corporation has an inexhaustible source of knowledge and experience.

All this expertise is used every day to develop and produce some of the finest audio products around. TEAC products offer musical experiences and add colour to everyday life.